Screening & Background Checks

Screening & Background Checks

At Quality Investigations Inc., a.k.a. QI, we’re passionate about what we do. Whether we’re searching for criminal records, civil suits, liens, or corporate documents, we love fact finding. It’s what we do.

QI is a licensed private investigation firm under Nevada Revised Statute 648.012. The company provides a variety of in-depth background reports that are a powerful tool in the assessment of a job candidate’s character and integrity. Through our peerless approach to public record research and background verifications, QI can offer you a thorough analysis of a candidate’s history. Our experienced staff works diligently to uncover information that could potentially affect hiring decisions, utilizing a wide range of trusted domestic and international sources.

Our background screening services can identify such current and potential liabilities as:

  • Overstatement of qualifications
  • Embellishment of work history
  • Falsification of career achievements
  • Falsification of educational credentials
  • History of litigious behavior

Since 1997, QI has investigated criminal backgrounds, civil lawsuits, driving records, credit reports, and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and tax lien records on individuals and entities.

Pre-Employment Screening

Background Checks